October 20, 2021
General News

Guest Column – Politics by George

I usually avoid discussing religion, about which nobody except God knows anything for sure, and politics, about which everybody knows everything for sure, with people I care about. But I thought I’d ask my neighbor, George, who lives in the basement apartment next door, how he understands today’s politics, and then just listen.

The public, including the electorate, falls into three groups … all three of which appear in the manner in which an automobile or tractor gear shift is designated in “reverse,” “neutral” and “forward.” Dan King photo

George says that, if politics requires getting elected to a political post by a majority of the voting public, then one must appeal to that majority by promising to get them what they want. Otherwise, they will vote for another candidate who is more forthcoming in this respect. We have, then, two questions: Who is the…

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