September 19, 2021

Guest column: Spokesperson doesn’t tell the whole story about CMP corridor

Recently, Lyn St-Laurent, the spokesperson for Hydro-Quebec, was interviewed on a Maine radio station to promote the CMP Corridor and cast doubt on Question 1, a referendum initiated by more than 80,000 Maine voters. As a representative of a foreign government-owned company, her comments were filled with half-truths and highly misleading.

Not once did she mention that Hydro-Quebec (HQ) stands to make $12.5 billion from this contract with Massachusetts, or that, because it is a Crown Corporation, a handsome portion of these profits would go directly to the taxpayers in another country, as opposed to Mainers, who will sacrifice a whole lot and get next to nothing in return.

During the interview, Ms. St-Laurent spoke extensively about the cost savings that Mainers could see from a deal HQ struck with Governor Mills behind closed doors, but she didn’t break it down to just how much this deal is worth for you. There’s a very good…

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