November 17, 2021

Guest commentary: Supremacism is the root of all evil

“Systemic racism” is redundant. Manifestations of misogyny, xenophobia and racism are all rooted in just one collective belief: supremacism. Our species believes that some of us matter more than others and that many among us don’t matter at all.

Systemic problems cannot be solved if the problem is the system itself.

First things first. Individually and collectively, how we relate to one another and the rest of the planet is the first domino for the hot messes we’ve made.

All our relationships are formed within coexisting hierarchies. The whole of humanity isn’t being well-served by a psychological structure made of minds shaped like a pyramid that is, in effect, a Ponzi scheme.

There are layers of power in a family or community, on the job or on the playground, in a street gang or church congregation, in a business corporation or government bureaucracy — in all cultural…

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