November 16, 2021

HEARTLESS: Resident, 92, Victimized By ‘Gypsy’ Scammers, Lyndhurst Police Nab Two

A 92-year-old Lyndhurst man fell victim to a familiar “gypsy” scam, losing $4,000 to a pair of thieves who claimed that they’d repaired his driveway, authorities said.

Two Massachusetts men, David Standish of Haverhill and Thomas Stanley of Dancers, were arrested by Lyndhurst police with help from their colleagues in North Arlington, Detective Lt. Vincent Auteri said Saturday.

Known also as “travelers,” gypsy con artists move around the East Coast using scams and diversions to get into people’s pocketbooks.

Earlier this month, an elderly Glen Rock couple who came thisclose to losing $18,000 in a “gypsy” roofing scam.

SCAM ALERT: ‘Gypsy’ Thieves Are Back, Con Elderly Glen Rock Couple Out Of $18,000

This time, police said, Standish and Stanley approached a 6th Street resident who’d arrange to have his driveway resurfaced by a reputable local…

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