November 17, 2021

Here are all the wallpapers from Windows 11

Windows 11 is real, a leaked ISO of the operating system is being circulated on the internet. Many have downloaded and installed the next version of Windows to see what is new.

Wallpapers are always hot in demand when a new operating system launches; this is the case for the leaked copy of Windows 11 and its wallpaper images.

Not everyone can install a virtual machine on their computer just for trying out the new OS. But if you want a little taste of it, we can help you get the Windows 11 wallpapers.

Let’s have a quick breakdown of the folders. There are two wallpapers in the 4K folder, these are 1920 x 1080 pixels in size, i.e. 1080p Full HD and not UHD. The lighter version of the 2, is currently the default Windows 11 wallpaper.

Windows 11 wallpapers - windows folder

Moving on to the Screen directory, it has 6 backdrops, and guess what? The pictures in this directory are 3840 x 2160 pixels, aka 4K UHD. There’s some…

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