Here is a Wrap-Up of Tech News for April 2021 | by Richard Liu | CornerTech and Marketing | May, 2021

Updates on Dogecoin, Clubhouse competitors and more

April was an exciting month for technology.

Companies Apple and Twitter announced new features and products and we’ve seen more competition heat up for big audio room social media application, Clubhouse.

Interestingly enough, we also saw big movements from cryptocurrency, especially Dogecoin and the developments it had over the last month. It was definitely a super exciting month for dogecoin, especially with the fuel that Elon Musk gave it over 2021 so far.

So let’s dive into the technology wrap for the month of April 2021.

Image: Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter

Tipping has become the biggest thing in the content creation and influencer universe in recent years. Many individuals who stream on make a living from the tips they get from their viewers.

Twitter has obviously seen an opportunity in the market and will soon be testing…

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