July 31, 2021

Here’s your trip to court, lady

A Nashville, Tennessee, storefront travel club promising great deals in exchange for thousands in membership fees is suing one woman for posting negative reviews. 

The problem is, as reported on Scoopnashville.com, is that Vacations4You, which promises to deliver “the first chapter in the book of memories that you will create for your family,” has amassed quite a few scathing online reviews, calling the company a “scam.” But wait, there’s more?

As the news site points out, the company’s owners, who filed their suit on Tuesday asking a judge to issue an injunction on the speech of a customer, have probably heard that word a lot from irate customers easily found on travel review sites. And the first question on their website’s Q&A page addresses this echoing concern: “We are not a scam.”

“If enough people call something a scam, it’s…

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