November 17, 2021

Hi-tech sex robots see fans plan to create custom-ordered ‘perfect clones’

Sex robot fans make pleas for ‘perfect clones’ and a ‘personal companion’ beyond raunchy bedroom antics.

RealDoll which designs and manufactures sex robots, took to social media on Friday to ask followers what they would like to see next from artificial intelligence.

Sharing a snap of a robot, the company based in San Marcos, California, US, asked its 47,000 Instagram and 12,000 Twitter followers respectively, for their views.

Real Doll captioned the photo: “What do you think the future holds in the next few years? Progress has to start somewhere, and who knows what a sex robot could yield outside of sex!”

Real Doll makes a range of bots in America

EvilBooWriter responded on Twitter: “I’m interested to see how personal companion robots affect mental health. There…

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