November 14, 2021

HMRC-branded phishing scams surge 87% in a single year

Reports of HMRC-branded phishing scams have jumped from 572,029 to 1,069,522 in the last year – a surge of 87%, according to official figures obtained by accountancy group Lanop Outsourcing under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

The data covered analysed data over the three most recent financial years (April 2018-2019, April 2019-2020, and April 2020-2021).

The figures show that reports of suspected SMS scams shot up 52% on last year, rising from 67,497 to 102,562 attacks. Email scams exploded 109%, rising from 301,170 to 630,193, and reports of phone call scams increased 66%, from 203,362 to 336,767.

The sharp rise in HMRC-branded phishing attacks poses huge risks to businesses and individuals.”

Of the scams listed, the majority were tax rebate or refund scams which rose by 90% from 363,118 and 690,522. In addition, voice scam attacks rose by 66%, jumping from 203,362 to 336,767.

HMRC also…

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