October 16, 2021

Hope for missing airliner MH370 as new technology could find wreckage


resh hope could be on the horizon for the missing airliner MH370.

The search could be relaunched as new technology which has been developed could help pinpoint the plane’s location before it disappeared over the Indian Ocean.

After the most expensive search in aviation history, there have been few clues to what happened to the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

In March 2014, the plane vanished without a trace with 239 passengers and crew. It still remains shrouded in mystery.

The last search in 2018 was carried out with a with a fleet of unmanned underwater vehicles.

It covered almost 50,000 square miles of sea floor and found nothing.

However, there is now fresh hope the plane may be located after new technology trials have been so successful.

The technology examines historical data on radio signals bumping off aircraft fuselages.

Inventors have hope it could locate…

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