October 20, 2021

Hot computer led Yarra Trams to IT thief | Northern Beaches Review

A former Yarra Trams worker who stole IT gear worth $230,000 got caught when a computer overheated, a court has heard.

Paul Hewer, 36, worked in Yarra Trams’ IT department until late 2020, where his job involved distributing laptops, phones and tablets to staff.

But it took Yarra Trams two years to realise that Hewer had also been distributing the valuable gear to himself and selling it on Facebook marketplace.

Hewer made about $54,000 from the scam from 2018 until November 2020, finally landing in hot water when one of the 132 laptops he’d sold began to overheat.

The new owner asked Dell to fix the problem, but the computer company told him it couldn’t, unless he completed a “transfer of ownership” from the registered owner, Yarra Trams.

After he followed up with Yarra Trams, the public transport operator began to investigate, finding CCTV showing Hewer visiting head office outside work hours and leaving with boxes of mobile phones.

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