October 20, 2021

How Apple’s plan to combat child abuse backfired on it

What followed — outraged tweets, critical headlines and an outcry for more information — put the tech giant on defense just weeks ahead of the next iPhone launch, its biggest event of the year. It was a rare PR miscalculation for a company known for its meticulous PR efforts.

The technology at the center of the criticism is a tool that will start checking iOS devices and iCloud photos for child abuse imagery, along with a new opt-in feature that will warn minors and their parents if incoming or sent image attachments in iMessage are sexually explicit and, if so, blur them.
The concerns primarily focused on privacy and the possibility the technology could be used beyond its stated purpose, complaints that surely stung Apple, which has focused much of its marketing efforts in recent years on how it protects users.
In the week that followed the announcement, Apple went on to host a…

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