October 20, 2021
Real Estate

How are condos handling electric vehicle charging?

Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. Tamkin

Q: We have 12 units in our condo building, and each unit has its own garage. The association pays for the electricity for all of the garage units. What happens if someone purchases an electric car? Would that unit pay more because they’re using more electricity?

A: This is a great question. We, too, have wondered what condominium associations will do with this issue now that so many people are buying (and are being encouraged to buy) electrical vehicles.

The premise of your question is that it doesn’t seem fair to have all of the unit owners share equally in the electric bill when there are one or more homeowners that own electric vehicles and power them in the garage.

True enough. That doesn’t seem fair. Still, condominium boards have broad discretion on how to run their associations. We’ve now been to a number of condominium buildings and seen…

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