October 20, 2021
Real Estate

How Does Real Estate Wealth Compare Across Generation?

wavebreakmedia // Shutterstock

Many financial experts believe that when it comes to accumulating and growing wealth, a large portion of one’s portfolio should be in real estate as part of an overall wealth-building plan. Experts say between 25-40% of your net worth should be in real estate because that asset class allows investors to capitalize on the benefits of real estate ownership—like passive income, equity, and appreciation—as you pursue other methods of investment and wealth development.

Investing in real estate to build wealth is hardly a new concept. Real estate ownership has always been a significant driver of wealth and can be traced back to before the Revolutionary War, when property ownership was a symbol of wealth and one of the primary ways for the wealthy to secure assets. Not much has changed since then. Real estate investing remains a primary vehicle for…

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