July 28, 2021

How new technology helps prevent GST evasions

In the present era, if fraudsters have techniques and technology for tax evasion and tax fraud then the government has imported ‘Information and Communication Technology’ from Silicon valley to suppress it. If technology can also coexist with bridle on the practice of tax evasion and tax fraud that costs billions of dollars every year to the government exchequer.

Be it an integrated tax technology, use of artificial intelligence and so on, India is now technologically more creative and the Government has all technologically aligned weapons to use in a war with tax evasion and more importantly tax fraud.

But since last year, India has been aggressively doing homework and preparing a roadmap on integrating tax technology to curb tax fraud and tax evasion.

Artificial intelligence, integrated tax technology and so on are being implemented by the government machinery to expand the realms…

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