June 22, 2021

How rising interest rates impact sectors in the market

CIARAN RYAN: Is a spike in inflation imminent, and what does this mean for markets, with unprecedented levels of fiscal and monetary support globally, the US Federal Reserve’s determination to suppress interest rates for longer, and a possible post-Covid-19 consumer spending boom? Market participants have enough reason to believe that a spike in inflation is imminent.

Previously we spoke to the chief investment officer of PSG Wealth, Adriaan Pask, about investment risks in the current environment. He explained that rising inflation reduces your spending power and the real value of your investment. Today, we speak to Adriaan again, this time about the impact of rising inflation on different sectors in the market. First of all, welcome Adriaan. Tell us what impacts do rising interest rates have on financial markets?

ADRIAAN PASK: Hi Ciaran, and first of all, thanks for having me….

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