September 19, 2021
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How State-building Failed in Afghanistan ⋆ Visegrad Insight

The post-Cold War period was characterised by global military interventions and the United States’ increased involvement on the world stage. The US intervened militarily in Kosovo and Afghanistan and initiated state-building in both countries.

State-building has developed into an integral part of peacebuilding, and this is evident in a number of conflicts, including Kosovo and Afghanistan. State-building refers to strengthening the functionality of the state.

According to James Dobbins, an American diplomat, state-building missions aim ‘to halt a conflict, if one is still underway, forestall any resumption in the fighting and promote the emergence of an indigenous government capable ultimately of resuming full responsibility for the security and well-being of its population.’

As the world was entering a unipolar moment, the US became the most critical actor in world politics….

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