November 15, 2021

How the global subscription scam network was traced to Montreal

A Montreal-based marketing company is at the heart of a plan that includes a massive network of streaming sites that have captured thousands of Internet users for small amounts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars with promises of unlimited free access to premium content that they don’t have for you. Find bids and search from Radio Canada.

These sites run a company in Barbados called Hyuna International and give users access to movies, books, and music.

Users were drawn to those sites by false promises and deceptive ads generated by subcontractors collecting commissions from AdCenter, an Internet marketing company with its sleek, modern offices in downtown Montreal, and an investigation by a disinformation breach program. decoders have found.

Research has revealed that both AdCenter and Hyuna International have ties to Canadian businessman Philip Keizer. This network uses a…

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