October 20, 2021

How to circumvent the deceitfulness of cyber scams

Daniel Olugola was a father in need. A father, who was trying to solicit financial help from social media to help pay for the many surgeries and treatment for his daughter who was diagnosed with a sinonasal tumor.

Yet, he became the victim of online scammers who took advantage of his situation and diverted the funds into their personal accounts.

An unfortunate situation of money that could have otherwise been sent to him to pay for his daughter’s treatments, never reaching him.

His daughter died some months later.

Not all victims of online scams may be in situations like Mr. Olugola’s. In more recurring situations, money is not denied to you, it is rather extorted from you.

Besides the unfortunate incident of Daniel Olugola that Dubawa reported on, we have had to equally report on different manifestations of scams such as scholarship application links surfacing across social…

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