September 19, 2021

How To Diverse Portfolio To Tide Over Market Volatility?

Investing from an early age in a smart, disciplined and consistent manner is the best way to grow your wealth. Intelligent investing is done through the diversification of your portfolio, which minimizes the risk of your investments over the long term.

Diversification can be done by incorporating certain high-risk, high-return investments in a portfolio that also contains stable low-risk, low-return investments. Stabler investments are less reactive to market volatility and therefore offset the risks associated with the more volatile high-risk investments.

As you continue investing, you begin to realize the importance of disciplined saving and the value it creates over a certain period of time. Investments can be a mix of cash, equity, bonds or G-secs (government securities). Once you have gained enough experience with diversification, you can even foray into international markets and…

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