November 17, 2021

How to Free Yourself From Credit Card Debt

Before I get to options you might have, I’ll make one important point: Don’t miss or delay minimum payments while you plot your strategy. Doing so will lower your credit score and take some of the best solutions off the table.

With that said, here are four distinct ways to work it now.

1. Transfer your balance.

Zero-interest-rate introductory balance transfer offers on cards were scarce in 2020, but more are arriving now, says Sara Rathner, a credit cards expert at the personal finance website NerdWallet. These cards typically charge as much as 5 percent of the transferred balance up front, so this works only if you get an introductory deal long enough for you to make a big dent in your balance. This spring, Rathner found, the U.S. Bank Visa Platinum card was offering one of the longest…

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