October 16, 2021

How to protect your money » Scammer News

Protection is one strategy that seeks to secure one’s property from attack and harm and from being stolen.

When you protect, you keep your assets from harm, injury, damage or loss and from being stolen.

In the real world, property and money should be protected because there are always thieves in the neighborhood. They would even try to steal things you have on your mind.

Therefore if you spend your time and use your brains to make money or to create something you need to protect it so that thieves, pirates and similar gangs do not get richer at your expense.

The discussion here centers on how these below can make you poorer if you do not handle them carefully and tactfully.

The best ways to protect your money in order not lose it or let be taken away from you is to be financially literate and intelligent about the following:

Government agencies

Government agencies such as the Police, tax authorities, social security…

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