July 28, 2021

How to stop spam texts that are sent to your device | Business

Texting has become the communication method of choice for many smartphone users. Even my 83-year-old dad texts me and has gotten pretty good at it. A few months ago, he started using animated gifs to express his pleasure with a project we were working on together and upcoming visit plans — a cartoon dog with a jaunty hat is his favorite. Just last week, he sent his first video in a text to me that showed a family of deer in the field behind his pool. But some senders are not so delightful.

Spam and scam texts are increasing in volume, which parallels the rise in texting and the improvement of email programs to identify and block spam. Further, the pandemic may also have contributed to this annoyance as texting became a commonplace form of communication between remote workers. According to the makers of…

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