October 20, 2021

‘I believe bitcoin is the best form of money’

Ask most financial podcasters how they started investing. They will probably cite business interests and enthusiastic parents who encouraged them to look at the stock market.

For Peter McCormack, the early inspiration came in the form of a “bag of weeds.”

“The reason I started Bitcoin was when I came back in 2013, I said one of my friends came and found this new website called Silk Road,” he said with FT’s Money Clinic podcast. It is revealed in the interview.

“To buy weeds, I needed something called Bitcoin, so I bought some.”

Fast forward to today and founded the podcast McCormack in 2017 — What did bitcoin do — One of the most famous financial shows on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

For the past five years, a 42-year-old former advertising executive from Bedfordshire has interviewed Bitcoin commentators worldwide, from investors and tech specialists to macroeconomics and executives working in the…

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