October 20, 2021

I Made Over A Thousand Dollars On Cryptocurrency. I Still Don’t Know What The Hell I’m Doing » Scammer News

In May, I bought $1,000 worth of crypto currencies. The market then plummetted. This turned many of my ‘investments’ to zero.

But what is a bad loser (not to mention: one who is so financially illiterate that even profit hungry investing apps won’t let him trade because he can’t pass their basic trading vocabulary tests) to do after getting their arse kicked? Buy more.

After most of my crypto ‘investments’ lost 50% of their value (in some cases worse, with many speculative “shit coins” zooming to $0 quicker than you can say “wen lambo”), I chucked a couple more hundred dollars at Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as buying a couple of new ‘sustainable’ (or at least, less energy intensive) coins recommended by the first article which popped up on a Google search.

Watch Elon Musk and Mark Cuban talking about alternative uses for crypto currencies in the video below.

I then stopped looking at it, and…

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