September 27, 2021

Improved manufacturing technology paves the way for improved quantum devices

Schematic of a superconducting circuit imaged using a terahertz scanning near-field microscope.Credit: University of Queensland

Physicists and engineers have found a way to identify and address material defects as one of the most promising technologies in commercial quantum computing.

The University of Queensland team was able to develop and optimize treatments Manufacturing Common method protocol for building Superconducting circuit On a silicon chip.

Dr. Peter Jacobson, who co-led the research, said the team had defects introduced during manufacturing. circuit..

“Superconducting quantum circuits are attracting attention from big companies like Google and IBM, but the phenomenon of information loss,’decoherence’, is hampering widespread application,” he said.

“Decoherence is mainly due to the interaction between superconducting circuits and silicon chips (physical…

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