July 28, 2021
General News

In Albany, Oregon, a school chief’s firing has echoes of national politics

The board of the Greater Albany Public Schools voted on June 14 to fire the district superintendent without cause.

Dirk VanderHart / OPB

School board members in Albany took a dramatic step this week, summarily firing a superintendent who had received positive performance reviews and whose contract had just been renewed.

Perhaps more strikingly, most of them won’t say why.

Just two weeks after a new conservative majority swept into power at the board of Greater Albany Public Schools, the five-member body took up a hastily scheduled item Wednesday to sever the contract of Superintendent Melissa Goff without cause.

With supporters and detractors of Goff alternately cheering and shouting admonishments from the audience, three brand-new board members voted to fire Goff. The board’s chair abstained. And a fifth commissioner strenuously opposed the move.

But remarkably little was said in the…

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