October 20, 2021
Real Estate

In Georgetown’s Hot Housing Market, Demand for Elevators ‘Going Up!’

Covid-19 seems to have caused an unexpected new housing boom, especially in small, vibrant and green communities within senior-friendly cities like Washington, D.C.  And, that means Georgetown – where the real estate market is hot.

Houses are being bought up at record speed and that keeps the supply low, prices high and realtors busy.  They’re adjusting to the new demand as fast as they can, according to Nancy Taylor Bubes, a top real estate agent at Georgetown Fine Properties, who spoke with the Georgetowner.

But the demand for housing amenities has changed as well. Changes are due not only to Covid lockdowns for over a year, but to changing demographics in Georgetown where an increasing number of duo-professional families with young children and seniors are leaving their big suburban homes to live in smaller, more vibrant and walkable city communities. Such as…

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