August 1, 2021
General News

India should rethink global partnerships

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated India in ways that no other disease has since Independence. The devastation wrought by the second wave this year has been especially acute and has brought about significant public health, political, economic, and diplomatic challenges for India. A lot was expected from India’s global strategic partnership with the US, however, it can be said that India got the short shift from its partner. To make matters more complicated, India had to tackle its own policy conundrum surrounding disaster aid. 

India usually stresses self-reliance and its own emerging-power image to decline aid to tackle challenges posed by disasters. However, the most significant development since the advent of the second wave has been India’s overturning of its disaster aid policy, 16 years after it was first conceived by the then prime minister Manmohan Singh government, in…

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