November 17, 2021
General News

Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria: ‘Canada and India basically have a very positive partnership with creative ways of cooperating’



INDIAN High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria’s positive attitude regarding relations between Canada and India is based on solid facts.

For example, there has been a mind-boggling increase in investments from about $5 billion portfolio investment in 2015 to about $60 billion today between the two countries.

This speaks to the confidence that Canadian investors and portfolio investments and investment firms have in the Indian growth story, notes Bisaria.

An Alberta-based company, Providence Therapeutics, is currently working with Biological E. in India’s Hyderabad to develop an Indo-Canadian vaccine — a messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccine — which is at stage 3 trial.

The Indian government has already reserved 300 million doses of that vaccine.

Bisaria’s diplomatic…

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