July 28, 2021

Industry growth likely to ‘speed-up’ regulatory approvals – national working group

The cultivated products sector is young in China, but the swiftly growing interest and number of firms getting involved is likely to speed up the policy process once understanding is complete, according to the working group heading the charge in China.

“Since 2019, there have been more and more firms getting interested in the cellular agriculture and cultivated products scene in China, so much so that there are even some local startups in the country now,”​ Ryan Xue, Deputy Secretary General of the Advisory Committee on Nutrition Guidance (ACNG) of the China National Food Industry Association and one of the leaders of the International New Protein Working Group told FoodNavigator-Asia​.

“It always used to be places such as the EU with a headstart in this space, but now we have lots of local firms with local R&D which I believe ill speed up any regulatory approvals we seek…

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