November 15, 2021

Inflation Soars…So Do Stocks | InvestorPlace

This past Thursday was a bit of a headscratcher.

News came out that inflation numbers in May were scorching – higher than they’ve been in a decade. Usually, we’d see this cause a commotion in the bond market, sending yields soaring. Plus, we’d often see a sell-off in tech stocks.

Instead, the opposite happened. Yields dropped and tech stocks climbed.


That’s what our hypergrowth expert, Luke Lango, will explain today.

As a tech-focused, hypergrowth analyst, Luke has been tracking inflation since it began to raise its head. That’s because inflation has a massive impact on prices in the tech sector.

But as Luke explains below, the feared inflationary-future that many have envisioned is appearing less likely…and that’s fantastic news for hypergrowth investors, resulting in one, clear takeaway…

From Luke:

The time to buy hypergrowth stocks is right…

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