October 20, 2021

Ingraham: Biden goes ‘Full Sharpton’ — ‘Lying’ about border patrol, boosting IRS to surveil average Americans

In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue, host Laura Ingraham said President Joe Biden has gone “Full Sharpton” with a fact-free condemnation of Border Patrol agents and the injection of race into a political issue.

Biden said Friday that people were being “strapped” by mounted Border Patrol agents, promising the agents “will pay” despite evidence the agents were acting in line with their duties and also using reins as commonplace in Western riding, and not bullwhips.

“So much for Biden tacking to the middle to unite the country and save his presidency,” Ingraham said. “The amiable old man who ran for president with a pledge to bring us together has decided that moving hard left is his only option.  And we know what the hard left thinks of law enforcement.”

“Whether it’s cops on the beat in a dangerous urban area, or Border Patrol in Texas trying to deter crossings by illegal immigrants, the radicals running the Democratic Party will cry…

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