November 14, 2021

Inside Kering’s racial diversity rethink

Kering’s largest brand, Gucci, which accounted for 56 per cent of Kering’s €13.1 billion revenues in 2020, is most high-profile in highlighting DEI efforts. Under its Equilibrium umbrella, the brand oversees initiatives such as the Gucci Changemakers programme, which distributes $1.5 million in scholarships over four years to 20 young designers, and publishes the Chime for Change zine, amplifying the voices of Black women and girls. Some of Kering’s other houses are less vocal and have been criticised for failing to reflect diversity on the catwalk and in ad campaigns.

“My responsibility is to influence the decision-maker,” says Bagamane. “Our goal for everybody when they sit down to make a decision, whether they’re creating a product, developing an advertising campaign or choosing models, is to stop and look around the table and ask, ‘who’s not here?’ If they…

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