October 20, 2021

Inside the bizarre economy of unclaimed Amazon packages

In a bizarre corner of the TikTok universe, people buy unclaimed packages for a few dollars a pop, and then unbox them. Sometimes, they get lucky, as with Louis Vuitton or Nike items; other times, they get stool samples. And strangely, the whole thing is totally legal.

Every day, tens of millions of packages are delivered across the U.S. by Amazon, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. A small percentage of them never make it to their final destination, either because they get lost in a warehouse or mixed up as they’re transferred from truck to truck. This amounts millions of lost packages every year. Where do they go? Well, according to recent reporting on CNET and Business Insider, people can buy these misplaced packages at physical auctions or online liquidation sites, often without knowing what’s inside.

Amazon is well-known for its enormous waste problem. One recent investigation by ITV News

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