September 28, 2021

Inside world of small businesses keeping Lagos night economy alive

As darkness gradually envelopes the skies, Kabir Adamu begins to set up his makeshift kiosk ahead of the day’s business. Some young men in loose ties walked lazily past Mr Adamu’s tables as he struggled to put on two rechargeable lamps, unperturbed by the cacophony of voices from passers-by and commuters.

Once switched on, he directed the two lamps towards his barbecued meat, sandwiched in the midst of onions and cucumber. Some metres away from Mr Adamu’s Suya spot, a generating set comes alive, providing better illumination for him and other petty traders and commuters alike.

The time was 8:45pm and the location was Ojota, in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub. For many residents of the city, it was time to go home. But for Mr Adamu and other traders, it was time for commerce.

“This is our own time to do business and make…

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