August 2, 2021

Insights from Booz Allen and Federal Technology Leaders

Northampton, Massachusetts-News Direct-Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen leaders Cedric Sims, Criskristow and Kelly Rosmarski joined industry experts at the Billington 5G Security Summit to discuss the power of 5G and how federal technology is used.

The federal government has made 5G a top priority, as demonstrated by initiatives such as the 2020 Secure 5G and Beyond Act and national strategies to secure 5G implementation plans. Still, there are complex security issues to consider when agencies adopt and operate 5G in their missions.

How can 5G networks help government agencies protect critical areas such as ports and borders and reduce vulnerability? What security protocols should institutions consider when designing products and working with the private sector? And how can an organization achieve interoperability between carriers, devices, and systems?

At the inauguration

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