July 28, 2021

Interpol arrests Moroccon hacker over global phishing, malware scam

“Dr. Hex” is accused of defacing websites, carrying out phishing attacks and malware campaigns.

An alleged malicious hacker and a cybercriminal who goes by the alias “Dr. Hex” has been arrested in Morocco after a two-year-long investigation.

Dubbed Op Lyrebird; authorities involved in the Operation included Moroccan police, International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL, and Russian cybersecurity company Group-IB.

In a statement this Tuesday, Interpol revealed that cyber attacks carried out by “Dr. Hex” involved, global phishing scams and carding activities such as credit card fraud against thousands of unsuspected victims.

According to authorities, the threat actor’s prime targets were French-speaking communications companies, multinational companies, and multiple banks that suffered malware attacks allegedly…

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