June 22, 2021

Interview With Marco Mottana, CEO of 01Quantum project

The financial market has always been a complex one, and not everyone understands the technicalities involved. Therefore, it takes one with an excellent understanding of the working of the market to make money in it. This has created a massive gap between professionals and beginners in the financial market. 01Quantum is introducing an entirely new solution that makes it possible for all parties to thrive in the current financial market to bridge this obvious gap. 01Quantum is a project that seeks to revolutionize the world of digital banking. 

To achieve this goal, 01Quantum has entered into a partnership with Ats (Ambassador trading system) Sharing Ltd and CFX Quantum, a cryptocurrency company that uses Fujitsu’s quantum computing technology.  01Quantum is a combination of blockchain applications that use technology to execute online banking operations. It is an ecosystem that…

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