July 28, 2021

Investments in electric transportation crucial for economy

Pride for the auto industry runs through many Michiganders, myself included. Henry Ford is an ancestor of mine, making my fondness for the automotive industry that much closer to the heart. With that same fondness, and quite a bit of excitement, I talk about the radical and lasting changes we are seeing in the industry today. 

The auto industry’s future is right here, in Michigan: the Chevy Bolt is assembled in Lake Orion, the F-150 Lightning will be built in Dearborn, and many more facilities across the state contain research labs, engineering teams, and assembly lines dedicated to creating excellent electric cars. 

But that doesn’t mean that we can sit idly by. If Michigan is to remain the global capital of the auto industry, we need to make substantial investments in the next generation of clean transportation. 

Public investment in transportation electrification creates fivefold…

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