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iPad Pro 2021: After Launch, 1 Lingering Question Remained… Until Now

The new iPad Pro is coming in the second half of May, with pre-orders starting in a week’s time on Friday, April 30.

But, following the launch at the Apple keynote earlier this week, one question was left hanging in the air, and has only now been answered, and even then, only if you dig deep into the minutiae of the Apple website.

We had learnt that the much-rumored miniLED display on the larger tablet was indeed delivered. We found out that the processor was not an A chip after all, but the exact same M1 found in the MacBook Air and, now, all-new iMac.

It was confirmed that the new iPad Pro would, indeed, be a fully 5G-capable machine if you opted for the wi-fi + cellular option.

We even found out that what had been predicted as a modest price increase for the 12.9in iPad Pro would be $100 compared to last year’s model.

So, the question still waiting to be answered was… would there be a charging plug in the box? After all, it there isn’t, then buying one would be an extra expense, in which case that $100 increase is only part of it.

Similarly, would a move to no power brick mean that, as happened with the introduction of the iPhone 12 series, that the charger would be removed from all other current models, too?

Apple made no mention of eliding it, so I was hopeful that the iPad Pro would arrive complete, with no need for an extra spend on a charging plug. After all, when the iPhone plug was removed, Apple made a lot of noise about it, declaring that the eco-benefits were considerable, even down to how much lighter and smaller the box is.

Confirmation was finally given on the Apple website. To see for yourself, go to, then click on iPad, choose iPad Pro and then View pricing. Once there, you still need to scroll almost all the way down to the bottom of a very long, colorful and informative page, and many people may have given up long before then.

When you get to What’s in the Box, you can stop there. You’ll see that the contents are the iPad Pro, a USB-C to USB-C charging cable and—yes—a 20W USB-C power adapter.

Well, that’s a relief.

The adapter is the same as the one found with the iPad Air. As it’s 20W, it means the iPad will charge fast or, if you have a USB-C to Lightning cable like the one that came with the iPhone 12, you can charge your iPhone fast, too.

So, why does Apple not remove the charging plug from the iPad as well as the iPhone? I think it feels that everyone has plenty of phone chargers but that they may more commonly be the 5W plugs which were previously supplied with every iPhone up to the iPhone 11, and that’s not good enough to charge an iPad quickly enough. And it may be that the miniLED display could potentially draw more power more quickly, so faster charging will be increasingly important.

One day, maybe the plug will vanish from the iPad range, too, but not yet. And the fact that it’s in with the new iPad Pro means it won’t be removed from the rest of the range.