October 20, 2021

iPhone, Android and Gmail users need to check for these messages TODAY or risk being hacked

AS WE approach Black Friday and Christmas gift buying season, you need to watch out for online scams.

This time of year can see a rise in criminals promoting fake deals or pretending to sell goods.


Your inbox may be filled with fake deals at this time of yearCredit: Alamy

Fortunately, there are a few tell tale signs of these scams that you can look out for.

Tech expert Mathew Newfield of Unisys told Digital Journal: “If a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is.”

You need to keep an eye out for fake deals and large discounts.

Getting drawn into a fake deal could see you lose a lot of money and can even result in your personal information being stolen.

You also need to watch out for people contacting you over social media or email and pretending to sell popular Christmas gifts.

Always make sure you can check the validity of a seller by looking at reviews or buying from a well known retailer.

You should also look up reviews…

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