September 27, 2021

Ireland scams: AIB warning, vaccine trick and more text frauds as public urged to be on high alert

Though there has been a slight drop off in the number of them, scam calls remain a massive danger for Irish people.

Fraudsters are attempting to swindle people out of their hard earned money via calls, texts and emails perturbing to be from a number of organisations, including banks, Revenue and the Gardaí.

These have even migrated into messages from the HSE about vaccination appointments.

Among the most common issues in Ireland at the moment is ‘phishing’ and ‘smishing’ – both of which can be avoided if customers are vigilant to what emails and texts they follow links from.

AIB Warning

AIB has issued another warning after being made aware of the latest scam targeting their customers.

The Irish bank has set up a form for its customers to report messages, calls, and emails that they believe to be fraud so they can identify which pose a threat.

The fraudulent message posted alongside the warning says: “A suspicious…

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