October 20, 2021

Ireland scams: The key tricks used on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and how to avoid them

A recent study has revealed the top five apps where users are being scammed on a daily basis across the globe, and Facebook came in at number one.

A record of €3.6 billion was lost to online scams in 2020 and fraudsters have become much more sophisticated in their methods of targeting people where they least expect it.

SocialCatfish.com released a study on the State of Internet Scams in 2021 using data collected over the past 12 months.

A poll of 726 online scam victims from 2021 was conducted as part of the study to find out where most incidents are taking place.

So, here are the most common apps to be wary of with tips on how to avoid falling victim to criminals:

Facebook, Account Cloning

Scammers use the photos and personal information from your public profile to create a replica account.

Then they ask your friends and family for money and send them malicious links that if clicked can steal their personal and financial…

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