November 16, 2021

Ireland scams: Three new tricks you need to watch out for as fraudsters rampant

Following an increase in phishing and 083 scam calls, the Gardai and Department of Social Protection have recently increased the number of public campaigns and warnings they’ve issued to alert the public.

However, three new scams have been more prominent this week and here’s what to be aware of.

DHL Scam

A very believable form of fraud is currently circulating whereby scammers are attempting to steal passwords and personal data through bogus package-tracking links.

The message usually contains details about a delivery that the recipient has missed.

These bogus text messages contain a link that leads users to what appears to be the company website. This is fradulent.

The so-called FluBot scam has prompted the National Cyber Security Centre to expand on the new tactic employed by fraudsters.

“The messages typically contain a link for the victim to click on to get details of a missed…

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