October 19, 2021

IRONMAN North American Championship Tulsa stimulates local economy

TULSA, Okla — All the excitement and energy from Sunday’s event is a sign Tulsa’s economy is rebounding. Event organizers said our city exceeded the expectations of athletes and other attendees.

Organizers tell 2 News this event could not have come at a more perfect time as Tulsa emerges bigger and better after then pandemic.

The Piedmontese Certified North American IRONMAN Championship event brought nearly fourteen million dollars to the area.

Ray Hoyt, the president of Tulsa Regional Tourism, said Sunday’s sporting event is a much needed boost for Tulsa, following 80% in losses caused by the pandemic.

“Coming out of the pandemic, it’s really important to get that money back into the community — the restaurants, the hotels, retail, all the things that happen around this event,” Hoyt said.

Tourism is the third largest industry in the Sooner State, and a 1.7 billion dollar industry…

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