August 2, 2021

Is global economy on right track ? | By Rashid A Mughal

Is global economy on right track ?

THERE are no two opinions about the health of the global economy which suffered a severe blow during last one year, while Covid19 played havoc with human lives throughout the world.

But the good news are that the global economy is recovering faster than expected from the corona virus pandemic, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recent report says.

“The world economy is now expected to grow by 6% this year and advance another 4.4% in 2022, sharp increases from the 3.3% decline last year during the worst months of the pandemic that spread across the globe after originating in China in late 2019”, says the report.

Chief IMF economist said in Washington recently that “improved economic outlook reflects the additional fiscal support provided in the United States, UK, Europe and other major economies.

Global vaccination efforts are going…

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