October 16, 2021

is this HMRC contact genuine?

HMRC has given examples of genuine messages and contact details to help you work out whether you’re being scammed.

Here’s how to work out whether you’ve got an HMRC scam email. Plus, as scammers can pretend to be HMRC over the phone and in other text-based messages, find out how to spot other fake communication.

Have I got an HMRC scam email?

HMRC might get in touch with you over email for lots of different reasons, including to send you an annual tax summary, to confirm your details for Making Tax Digital, and to promote the personal tax account.

If it’s a fake HMRC email, you’ve likely got an HMRC phishing email. Phishing refers to criminals sending out scam messages purporting to be from real organisations, in the hope of getting sensitive personal or financial information.

HMRC emails won’t ask for your personal or financial information. Here’s a list of genuine HMRC…

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