July 27, 2021

Israel Electric warns of phishing scam trying to steal customer details

Israel Electric (IEC) warned customers Wednesday that scammers were sending SMS messages instructing people to “settle the debts in their accounts” with the nation’s largest electricity supplier.

People clicking the link in the message would be taken to a page where they would be asked for their identification number and credit card details.

“For several months, IEC has been receiving alerts from customers about fraud attempts with a demand to update their details and a threat to suspend their account if it is not done immediately,” IEC said. “Text messages sent on behalf of IEC contain the customer’s contract number, and the only viable link is to our official website. You should not act on these messages or respond to them.”

“An investigation we conducted on the messages found that the latest phishing messages to IEC customers were sent by an attacker who operates several sites that also impersonate other infrastructure…

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