September 27, 2021
General News

It was riveting, disturbing, emotional (opinion)

Six months and 21 days later, four of the police officers who stood up against rioters at the US Capitol –who repeatedly told them “Donald Trump sent us,” even as they savaged the officers and threatened to kill them — told their story to the American people and to the Select Committee investigating the events of that terrible day.

It was riveting, disturbing, emotional.

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, who suffered a heart attack and a concussion, and lost consciousness during the insurrection while being beaten and tased amid shouts of “kill him with his own gun,” strained to maintain his composure as he noted that some members of Congress are downplaying or denying the attack. His eyes burning with emotion, he slammed the table with his hand: “It’s disgraceful!”

It was a powerful indictment of those Republican leaders who now deny the truth of what happened, and in…

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